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KEGL-FM 97.1 The Eagle Answers and Codes for February 04
02-04-2014, 12:01 AM
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KEGL-FM 97.1 The Eagle Answers and Codes for February 04
Post answers for KEGL-FM 97.1 The Eagle for February 04 here:

Click Here to visit KEGL-FM 97.1 Rock-a-Holics!
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02-04-2014, 02:52 PM (This post was last modified: 02-04-2014 03:56 PM by Joey.)
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RE: KEGL-FM 97.1 The Eagle Answers and Codes for February 04
Rock Music Trivia
Outkast's Andre 3000 is portraying which rock legend in a new biopic?

Jimi Hendrix

Sports Trivia
Recently in NCAA basketball, Notre Dame upset number seven ranked Duke with a 79 to 77 victory. It was the first loss in an ACC opener for the Blue Devils in how many seasons?

Seven Seasons

Montford Point Marines
Trivia 1 - "Who was the first African American Marine Corps pilot and 3-star general?"
Lt. General Frank E. Petersen Jr.

Trivia 2 - "Where is the camp located, where the Montford Point Marines were trained?"
New River, NC

Trivia 3 - "At a time in our nation's history when many expected, and even hoped they would fail, the men of Montford Point succeeded far beyond the naysayers predictions. From their segregated beginnings in __________ (what year), to battles with foreign enemies and racism at home, they persevered."


Trivia 4 - "In honor of the first African American Marine Corps Drill Instructor, what was Montford Point camp renamed to in 1974?"

Camp Gilbert Johnson

4 More to Click on To read and watch videos. 100 Points Each.

African American Marine Corps
"What were the first African American Marine Corps recruits called?"

Montford Point

Marine Corps Officer
"Who was the first African American Marine Corps Officer?"

Frederick C. Branch

Marine Corps Pilot
"Who was the first African American Marine Corps pilot and general?"

Lt. General Frank C. Petersen Jr.

Marine Corps Motto
"The Latin term, Semper Fidelis, is the Marine Corps motto and means what?"

Always Faithful

Camp Montford Point
"Camp Montford Point was renamed in 1974 after which Montford Point Marine?"

SGTMAJ Gilbert "Hashmark" Johnson

Learn To Lead & Inspire
"Once they've earned their commission, Marine Officers learn to lead and inspire their Marines at what school? "

The Basic School

Marines Serving The Nation
"How many Montford Point Marines served the nation?"


Military Occupational Specialty
"What is the name of the test that determines a Marine's military occupational speciality (MOS)?"

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

Becoming A Marine Corps Pilot
"What's the first step toward becoming a Marine Corps pilot?"

First, you must become a Marine Corps Officer.

Recruit Training
"What is the culmination of recruit training?"

The Captain's Cup

Marine Programs
"Which program is a "poolee" in?"

Delayed Entry Program

Steps of Marine Training
"What is the next step of a Marine's training following Recruit Training?"

The School of Infantry

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