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WAXQ 104.3 Answers and Codes for November 24
11-24-2013, 12:00 AM
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WAXQ 104.3 Answers and Codes for November 24
Post answers for WAXQ 104.3 for November 24 here:

Click Here to visit Q104.3 Work Perks
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11-24-2013, 07:31 AM
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RE: WAXQ 104.3 Answers and Codes for November 24
Classic Rock Challenge

Which of the following songs was not performed by Alice Cooper on the Muppet show?
(We're All) Clones
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11-24-2013, 06:49 PM
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RE: WAXQ 104.3 Answers and Codes for November 24
The upcoming film American Hustle marks the third film collaboration between actors Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. The previous films include Silver Linings Playbook and which other film?


In The News
The developers of the new World Trade Center recently tested the lights on the spire of the building. Hundreds of red, white and blue modules illuminated lower Manhattan. According to the Port Authority, up to how many miles can the glow of the spire be seen?

50 miles

Daily Video Trivia
:What country does the amazing skater live in?


Watch: TIME Explains the New Cholesterol...
What total # should Americans aim for their "good" cholesterol number?



What's The Primary Complaint?
"Chronic widespread pain and _______ are often the primary complaints associated with fibromyalgia."
How Is It Characterized?
"Fibromyalgia is characterized by _____ _____ pain and may mimic other conditions."
Chronic widespread
What is testing good for?
"Testing is useful to determine what is causing the fibromyalgia, but not for ______."
When Is It Diagnosed?
"Because there is no test for fibromyalgia, this condition is usually diagnosed after ______ other conditions."

Fun Fall Video Trivia
We could be misunderstanding what kind of labels?

Meat labels

Entertainment Zone!
She secretly wants to come in on what?


Video Trivia Time
What part of Texas was this video shot in?


Videos Gone Wild!
How many albums does Artpop make?


Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!
How much was the jovani sequin dress?


VIDEO: Adorable Baby Antelope Raised By...
What kind of zookeepers are taking care of the baby?


VIDEO: Madonna Reigns As Highest Paid
How old is she now?


How To Stuff A Turkey
What should you use to rinse a turkey?

Cold water

VIDEO: NBA's New Awesome 'Jingle Bells'...
Who's the first start to be called out in the line up?

Derrick Rose

VIDEO: Top 5 Quarterbacks For Week 12
Which quarterback comes in at #5?

Carson Palmer

final string
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