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I knew that, who do you think you're talking to..a newbie? 11.60%
cburton4, crehole, cuziloveit12, dayzinnz, eyeofcat, FLE2, fred, garygreen, Jevenia, Joey, KNACsnowman, Kreisr1, LadyOwl610, pams50, prettything95, rct26, Sara, taurus742, Terry, tgirl, Tmas
21 11.60%
Hey...after I switched to Linear, I like it better 13.81%
alovisa, charlesjacobson61@msn.com, CUBS4LIFE43, dav_sc_98, dpsaltz, Ecat19, igorr235, Jadow, jimmer365, Judiejean, kansasRon, kansaszim, mehr672, OcBeach, paeannu, richardsons01, Rusty Curlz, Scotth14, siberfile, simbacat, tjose78, undertow, Watergate, Wife2Mom, yellowjackrabbit
25 13.81%
I switched to Linear and I quickly switched back 2.76%
Amos, arking786, cinnabon2, kstew99, RessieH
5 2.76%
I still don't know what the heck you are talking about 71.82%
68mustangGT, Aegis, Aliinaz, alix, allan, alleto06, Amy.rebecca2011@gmail.com, Andra, annabeth, arachnofreak, Barbara Skulavik, Barney, BdBanshee, betelou, Biff, bigdlh, Bill B, BillA, bnpsteen, BobC, bren45236, callcharlie2001, Candice Price, Cassandra J. Kelsey, charmatrivia, ChasD, chris Howard, Clint_Thomas, Conguero, conlin, cuddles62, cync, dbacks7635, dblnutfudge, dcconnelly, debsfreebies, dellar718, dodot, Drifter505, dstoye, dualis17, ESpeer, fwaxie, gaildavis1972, gawarnke, girlnamedsue1, Goldie Mitchell, GraceForToday, grantjr, HarrysMom, harveyames, Hoppe99, hoss54, hpettis09, Ing, itscritical, James, jht1818@gmail.com, jimmer0365, jimt6969, jmswfe94, joanne, jroar, jslindsay13, kathipurdy, keriandneil, kjacobs@ocg-inc.com, krpap@cox.net, lancestorm, larryreef, latexslavewhipped, Laura, laurcrist, Linda, Linda L, looper, lucilelawton, lunasdad, m1coates, marvin, mhstern08520, micksmasters, mjim118@gmail.com, msavc, mvl99, newbee55, ninny96, Nofearon, norm, nzondervan, paceia@aol.com, pmayfield, PPP, Rita87, rockjkb, sactownlang, Sammy, sams1997, scitron, Sheepdog, shellaa53, Shellypie, SKYDIVER1, slidetackle, snugglepaw, Sourjacks, speedy38, sranelli, styree, SueZam, tessa, texman, thepointer, ths67pg, tomawn, Toya, turnbear, unknownlouisiana, wbunn, WildFlower Blue, wishingstar, wjslate@pacbell.net, WMF, WzntMe, zooie?$!, 5 Guests
130 71.82%
Total: 181 votes 100%