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10/12 I really appreciated all the responses I have received and I will lay out the game plan. With all the doctor's appointments and other things besides work, it will take a few days to be fully back to where we were before.

I will be making the Dan Patrick Nation as the station that will use the core questions. Once this forum is operational, I will discontinue the posting to the WDOK forum. I will also be adding several of the stations that have been requested. Lastly, I will get the discontinued stations removed.

I am still looking for stations that carry the Music Quiz, Music Challenge or Jazz Music and Entertainment Video. If the station you use has any of these questions, please let me know.

10/9 Please read: I am debating on shutting down the site. I have had a note up about requesting additional stations for over 3 months and did not get one request. Yesterday 4 more of the stations that we carry here, without warning, dropped the Triton trivia. It is hard to blame the stations with all the screw ups by Triton on an almost daily basis. Yesterday, WDOK 102.1FM, KJAQ 96.5, 94.7 the Wave and 103.3 WODS all removed the trivia from their web sites. The WDOK was the main station I was using to post all the core questions and KJAQ carried the Music Challenge question, 94.7 The Wave carried the Jazz Music question and 103.3 WODS carried the Music Quiz question. I need suggestions and links to stations to replace these. You can send your request via email by clicking on the Contact Us in the bottom left corner of each page or send a private message to morethantrivia. If I don't get any requests this time, I guess it just doesn't matter and I will shut the site down.

Since August 3, I have been working 10 hours a day seven days a week at my regular job. I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. There have been many days it was all I could do to just keep this site updated and go to work.

I hope I am wrong and there are a few of you out there that want to keep this site going. I guess time will tell.
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Wheel Of Fortune

  • A Stroke Of Genius


  • How many states border the Gulf of Mexico?


  • The 1898 sinking of the USS Maine -- which provided a pretext for the U.S. to declare war on Spain -- occurred in what city's harbor?
    Havana, Cuba
  • The Battle for San Juan Hill also involved a charge by Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders up what adjoining hill?
    Kettle Hill
  • What U.S. cruiser -- two months after outbreak of the Spanish-American War -- led a small convoy that captured the Spanish possession of Guam ?
    USS Charleston

The History Net

  • The first television station in America went on air in this city in 1928.
    Schenectady, NY

Creations Rewards

  • No question posted again this morning
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StartSampling.com Trivia

  • Brain Teaser
    A river
  • Sample Scramble
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WGAR 99.5 Rewards

  • In the 2013 action-horror film Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Hansel (Jeremy Renner) is a diabetic as a result of what childhood experience?
    His experience in the gingerbread house.
Remember When?
  • In which of the following years did Sony announce the release of the Mavica, the first commercial electronic still camera that uses removable disks as the main recording media?
In The News
  • A pair of earthquakes were recorded in East Texas on September 3, 2013. Both of the quakes happened near the town of Timpson. No reports of injury or significant damage was reported. What was the magnitude of both quakes that the U.S. Geological Survey recorded?
    4.1 and 4.3 magnitude
Country Music Trivia
  • Who is set to receive the 2013 Artist Achievement Award at the T.J. Martell Foundation's 38th Annual Honors Gala?
    Carrie Underwood
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia
  • The following video shows the full casts of all of the following shows EXCEPT:
Entertainment Video Trivia
  • The following clip features Tamar Braxton talking about touring with which other artist?
    John Legend
4th Quarter Quiz
  • In the following video, mentions which college football player from Fresno State as a Heisman Trophy hopeful?
    Derek Carr
Country Livin' Trivia
  • According to the following clip, which country music superstar performed with the Hawaii Pops?
    Je Dee Messina
Videos Gone Wild!
  • Who is the spokesperson talking about the chestnuts?
    Andrew Dymburt
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!
  • It goes in a different ______?
Entertainment Zone!
  • What color are her high tops?
Video Trivia Time!
  • Which mall are they standing outside of?
    West Gate
Fun Fall Video Trivia
  • How many chef's knives did they test?
Karoake Giveaway! 24
  • How many microphones are in the picture?
Fun Prizes! 24
  • What color is the submit icon?
VIDEO: How Makeup Can Cause Premature
  • How long did she wear make up for?
    one month
VIDEO: Kenya Terror Attack 24
  • What are they claiming?
VIDEO: Weekender (Trailer) 24
  • Which year pops up on the screen in the beginning of the video?
VIDEO: WWII Soldier's Letter Finally Re...
  • Where did her father die in 1944?
VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Tears Up On Stage 24
  • What color is her outfit on stage?
VIDEO: NPH Pokes Fun At Paula Deen 23
  • He starts off the emmy awards with a _____?
VIDEO: Sofia Vergara Rocks CoverGirl Na...
  • What color is Sofia's dress?
VIDEO: British Drivers Can Pay for Park...
  • How many parking lots let them pay with chestnuts?
VIDEO: Tear-Jerker On "The X Factor" 23
  • How old is Ashley?
VIDEO: Myths About Obstructive Sleep Ap...
  • What is Myth #1?
    sleep apnea
Nutrition 101
  • When you consume ____ ____ and drinks such as cookies, cake, candy, and soda, you may feel pain in your teeth.
    sugary foods
Ruining My Teeth
  • Diarrhea, rashes and a fever are not normal for a ____ ____.
    teething baby
*Smith Vein Institute
  • Smith Vein Institute is devoted to therapeutic varicose vein care. We use the most advanced technology in the vein care industry to provide minimally-invasive comprehensive vein care in a comfortable office-based setting.
    VeinGogh therapy
*Ganley Auto
  • When searching for Vehicles Under 10K, you can sort by: Year, Color, Price, Bodystyle, and what else?
VIDEO: Inside the Celebrity Meet & Gree...
  • What is the producers name?
    Matt Paco
VIDEO: Beyonce Lives It Up In Brazil 22
  • What is the world tour called?
    Mrs Carter World Tour
VIDEO: A Boy Donates His Money To The P...
  • Who was the reporter?
VIDEO: Madonna Surprises During AMA Ses...
  • What color is the hat she's wearing?
VIDEO: Two Rare Diamonds Sparkle At Auc...
  • Which country are they in?
    Hong Kong
VIDEO: Billy Ray on Miley's Performance...
  • Which host does Billy Ray speak to?
VIDEO: Jay-Z and Beyoncé Top Forbes' Li...
  • What did they make last year?
    95 million
VIDEO: Adorable Moment 21
  • Interaction with one another is ______?
VIDEO: 3-Yr-Old 'Breaks Up' with Dad 21
  • It's hard to say _______?
VIDEO: Spray Deodorant Dangers 21
  • What is the physicians first name that is speaking in the beginning of the video?
VIDEO: Pizza Hut's Cheeseburger-Stuffed ...
  • How many calories are there per slice?
    288 (correct answer is 288, currently accepting 280)
VIDEO: ET's TOP 5: Silliest Celebrity S...
  • Which celebrity came in at #2 for silliest celeb selfie?
    Selena Gomez
VIDEO: "The Fox" Parody Asks "What Does ...
  • What company put together the video "What Does the Web Say?"
    Hub Spot
VIDEO: Today in History for September 20...
  • What type of store was it that Martin Luther King Jr. was stabbed at?
VIDEO: Kids Love Being In Weddings
  • What was Ava's favorite part of the wedding?
VIDEO: ET's TOP 5 Silliest Celebrity Se...
  • The couple coming in at #3 took the photo in what year?
VIDEO: Golden Sisters Web Exclusive: Bi...
  • What does the woman in the middle have around her neck?
VIDEO: Kelly Ripa Shares Childhood Pic ...
  • How old is she?
VIDEO: Last Piece Of Ohio River Bridge ...
  • Which state is this in?
VIDEO: Leah Remini Can't Dance on DWTS ...
  • What color is Leah's outfit?
PCH Sweepstakes! 19
  • What kind of scratch card will you receive?
    instant cash
Wholesale Sweepstakes! 19
  • How much is the gift card worth?
Club Cantina 19
  • What starts here?
    the fiesta
Dreams Come True! 19
  • What color is the Enter Now icon?
I'm Loving It! 19
  • How much is the gift card worth?
VIDEO: Grumpy Cat Gets Friskies Endorsem...
  • What is Grumpy Cat's real name?
    Tardar Sauce
VIDEO: Today in History for September 19...
  • What tv show premiered on this day?
    The Mary Tyler Moore Show
VIDEO: The City that Gives Out Fines for...
  • What city is implementing all these new fines on their public transportation system?
VIDEO: McDonald's New Mighty Wings Taste...
  • How did he describe the outer crust of the chicken wing?
VIDEO: "Sharecations" Are A Great Way To...
  • What is the first website that is mentioned in this video regarding "sharecations?
Justin Moore LIVE Concert Trivia 3
  • What is Justin Moore performing on during his outdoor concert?
VIDEO: Brad Pitt Crashes a Wedding
  • What country are they in?
VIDEO: Cate Blanchett's Bizarre Gown
  • She isn't afraid to make a ____ _____?
    fashion statement
VIDEO: Tailgating Surprise Proposal
  • Which state do they love?
    South Carolina
VIDEO: Man Climbs 900-foot Building, Ju...
  • What color is the man's shirt who is on the building?
VIDEO: Britney Announces Vegas Show
  • What day did she confirm?
VIDEO: Today in History for September 18...
  • What news person is the anthrax letter sent to?
    Tom Brokaw
VIDEO: ShowBiz Minute: Spears, Springste...
  • How many dates did Britney confirm?
VIDEO: Lifestyles of the Rich & Average
  • Where does the video show the average family of four going on vacation?
VIDEO: Plates Inspire Healthy Eating at ...
  • What college (initials) does this video take place at?
VIDEO: Billionaires: Surprising First Jo...
  • What kind of restaurant did Michael Dell wash dishes at for his first job?
Did You Know Sweepstakes! 17
  • Where will the winner be announced?
Extravaganza Sweepstakes! 17
  • How many ways can you share this sweepstakes?
  • How many characters can you choose from in the game?
VIDEO: Today in History for September 17...
  • What famous TV show premiered on this day?
VIDEO: First Miss America of Indian Heri...
  • How much money did she get to go towards her education in scholarship?
VIDEO: Beer Goggle, Dung Beetle Research...
  • What was the prize amount in US dollars for each winner of the Ig Nobel Awards?
    4 dollars
VIDEO: Fashion Police, Sep. 16
  • What city was Jennifer Aniston in during this video clip?
VIDEO: Adorable Porcupine Celebrates Its...
  • What is the name of the porcupine who celebrated his 6th birthday?
VIDEO: Aniston Stuns in Strapless Dress
  • Which festival was she attending?
    Toronto Film Festival
VIDEO: Paula Deen Breaks Down in Tears
  • Which town was she in?
VIDEO: Chris Hemsworth Gets Candid About...
  • What's the new movie called?
VIDEO: Simon Cowell Sings!
  • He goes from judge to _____?
VIDEO: Meet Julianne Moore's Mini-Me
  • How old is her daughter?
VIDEO: Social Media in the Fashion Indu...
  • Things have ______ _____?
    completely changed
VIDEO: Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCar...
  • What do they both have?
VIDEO: Work You Day-to-Night Look 15
  • In the text he sent what are the first two words?
    Hey beautiful
VIDEO: Amazing A Capella Version of Tet...
  • How many parts does this version have?
VIDEO: Standing Tall Makeover 15
  • Who received the makeover?
VIDEO: 9-11 Monument Vandalized in Loui...
  • What does the statue include?
    metal beams
VIDEO: Teen Soccer Player Does Flip, Sc...
  • Can you bend it like who?
VIDEO: R5 Talk "Pass Me By" & Breaking ...
  • What's the first country announced that they traveled to?
VIDEO: McDonald's Testing 2940 Calorie ...
  • What was the documentary called?
    Super Size Me
VIDEO: Teen Proposes Floating Booms to ...
  • What's the number of plastic floating?
VIDEO: Today in History for September 13...
  • How many lives are claimed in the prison uprising that ends on this day in upstate New York?
Guinness World Records 2014 Unveiled 13
  • What's the goat's name?
    Happy (works now)
Beyonce Is a Natural Beauty 13
  • What is bright?
Condensed Soup: Man Loses Suave Ways 13
  • Who is the spokesperson?
Ed Sheeran Confirms Dating Ellie Gouldin...
  • He isn't always stuck in the what?
    friend zone
EXCLUSIVE: Kerry Washington is Good 'Pee...
  • She's an all around good _____?
New Features for Apple's New iPhone 13
  • How does he describe the new operating system?
    cutting edge
VIDEO: Today in History for September 12...
  • Which president is confronted about his religion on this day?
VIDEO: Europe's Finest, Most Expensive C...
  • What city is the auto show taking place?
VIDEO: Adorable 3rd Grade To-Do List Inc...
  • What is #5 on the boy's to do list?
    become a nerd
VIDEO: ET Top 5: Notorious Reality Stars
  • Who is #2 on the list?
VIDEO: High Tech Gadgets To Modernize Yo...
  • What do the balls do that supposedly take the place of night lights in an updated nursery?
Taking Flight! 11
  • Which airline is available by submitting email?
Wholesale Time! 11
  • How much is the gift card worth?
Forever Lipstick! 11
  • Who is the lipstick made by?
Best Giveaway Ever! 11
  • How many cups are in the picture?
WGAR Artist of the Day 9/25
  • Artist of the Day and get 5,000 points!
    Darius Rucker
WGAR Word of the Day 9/25
  • Word of the Day and enter it for 5,000 points.
New Music Spotlight 9/25
  • Answer the song from tonight's WGAR New Music Spotlight

WBEE 92.5 I Love My Country Club

WBEE 92.5 Artist of the Day 9/25
  • Enter the name of the artist you hear below and score 2500 Fan Club points.
    Sara Evans
WBEE 92.5 Song of the Day 9/25
  • Enter the title you hear below and score 2500 Fan Club points.
    Suds In The Bucket
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code 9/19
  • Enter the Secret Newsletter Code Word and score 2500 points

99.5 The River

Hot Music Trivia 9/25
  • It was recently reported that Miley Cyrus has called off her engagement with which actor?
    Liam Hemsworth
Pop Culture Trivia 9/25
  • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present the star with the honorary Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 5th Annual Governors Awards on November 16. Angela Lansbury and Steve Martin are among the celebrities to receive the award. Who is the youngest to receive the award this year?
    Angelia Jolie
Pop Clips! Trivia 9/25
  • Which of the following celebrities was the only male to make the top ten list of "dangerous" online searches?
    John Hamm

KTU 103.5

Music Trivia 9/25
  • It was recently reported that Miley Cyrus has called off her engagement with which actor?
    Liam Hemsworth
Question of the Day 9/25
  • Who is Ariana Grande officially dating?
    Nathan Sykes
Commercial Free Hour 9/25
  • What was the first song to kick off the 8:30am Commericial Free Hour?
Lunch Flashback Track 9/25
  • What song was the KTU Lunch Flashback Track?
    What's Luv (currently not accepting)
War of the Roses 9/25
  • What was the title of today's War of the Roses?
    Lou'sers Alibi
Morning Show Bonus Code 9/25
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Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code 9/19
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97.1 Wash-FM

City Salute 9/25
  • Just tell us the name of the city or town we saluted that morning!
Profession of the Day 9/25
  • Just enter what profession Maureen talked about that morning
    social worker
Fun 1 @ 1 9/25
  • Enter Your answer
    Don't Be Cruel


Classic Rock Challenge 9/25
  • What type of school were Paul Simonon and Mick Jones attending before they formed The Clash?
Question of the Day 9/25
  • To celebrate the 20th anniversary reissue of Nirvana's "In Utero" album, what are 3 stores offering?
    Free Tattoos of the Nirvana Smiley Face
8am Get The Led Out 9/25
  • What song did we play on today's Get The Led Out?
    Moby Dick
8:50 AM 10 Songs In A Row 9/25
  • Which of these songs kicked of 10 songs in a row this morning?
    You May Be Right
12pm Workforce Blocks 9/25
  • Which of these artists was featured in one of today's Workforce Blocks?
    Elton John
Live @ 5 Monday - Thursday 9/25
  • Which of these artist was featured during Live @ 5 with Ken Dashow?
    The Rolling Stones
Rock and Roll Morning Show Bonus Code 9/25
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Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code 9/18
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WWPR Power 105.1FM

Music Skills 9/25
  • How old would have Michael Jackson been on August 29?
Question of the Day 9/25
  • What Michael Jackson song did Justin Timberlake cover at BBC1's Live Lounge?
    Shake Your Body
Donkey of the Day 9/25
  • Who was today's Donkey of the Day?
    Stevie Wonder's Friends & …

Z100 New York

Music Pop Quiz 9/25
  • Which pop singer was recently named Billboard Woman of the Year?
Question of the Day 9/25
  • Which Reality star posed with Oprah Winfrey over the weekend?
    Kim Kardashian
12pm Ryan's High Noon Countdown 9/25
  • enter the title of the #1 song

96.5 Jack FM Seattle

Music Challenge 9/25
  • What band recently discovered unreleased material in its archives?

103.3 WODS FM Boston

Music Quiz 9/25
  • The "King of Calypso" is:
    Harry Belafonte

KEGL-FM 97.1 The Eagle Dallas/Ft.Worth

ROCK Music! 9/25
  • EDM sensation Avicii recently collaborating with the front man of which alternative rock band for a song called "Heart Upon My Sleeve"?
    Imagine Dragons

KERN Radio Newstalk 1180

Top Dollar Trivia 9/25
  • Which of the following is a company that AOL Brand Chief Susan Lyne mentions as a company where she previously worked?
    The Martha Stewart Company

94.7 KTWV FM The Wave Los Angeles

Jazz Music 9/25
  • Lin Rountree is a soul/jazz trumpeter from renowned music city?

KHHT 92.3 Oldschool Los Angeles

Music Knowledge 9/25