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Notices For Groups
10/12 I really appreciated all the responses I have received and I will lay out the game plan. With all the doctor's appointments and other things besides work, it will take a few days to be fully back to where we were before.

I will be making the Dan Patrick Nation as the station that will use the core questions. Once this forum is operational, I will discontinue the posting to the WDOK forum. I will also be adding several of the stations that have been requested. Lastly, I will get the discontinued stations removed.

I am still looking for stations that carry the Music Quiz, Music Challenge or Jazz Music and Entertainment Video. If the station you use has any of these questions, please let me know.

10/9 Please read: I am debating on shutting down the site. I have had a note up about requesting additional stations for over 3 months and did not get one request. Yesterday 4 more of the stations that we carry here, without warning, dropped the Triton trivia. It is hard to blame the stations with all the screw ups by Triton on an almost daily basis. Yesterday, WDOK 102.1FM, KJAQ 96.5, 94.7 the Wave and 103.3 WODS all removed the trivia from their web sites. The WDOK was the main station I was using to post all the core questions and KJAQ carried the Music Challenge question, 94.7 The Wave carried the Jazz Music question and 103.3 WODS carried the Music Quiz question. I need suggestions and links to stations to replace these. You can send your request via email by clicking on the Contact Us in the bottom left corner of each page or send a private message to morethantrivia. If I don't get any requests this time, I guess it just doesn't matter and I will shut the site down.

Since August 3, I have been working 10 hours a day seven days a week at my regular job. I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. There have been many days it was all I could do to just keep this site updated and go to work.

I hope I am wrong and there are a few of you out there that want to keep this site going. I guess time will tell.

Wheel Of Fortune



  • What is philophobia the fear of?


  • Which of the following events is not part of the modern Pentathlon, an Olympic competition designed as a five event test of martial skills?
  • The first Biathlon competitions, an Olympic event which combines the Winter soldiering skills of cross-country skiing and shooting, first took place in 1776 in what country?
  • The Army's World Class Athlete's Program, which trains potential Olympians in a variety of sports, is located at what base?
    Fort Carson, Colorado

The History Net

  • This was the last American Space Shuttle to fly in space.

SampleStorm.com Trivia

  • Epic Movie Quotes
  • Famous For
    Carol Burnett
  • Sports City
  • Color Find
  • Car Facts
    Ferrari 125 S
  • Star Finder
    Planet of the Apes
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LuckySamples.com Trivia

  • Who Am I?
    Kathleen Sebelius
  • Musically Inclined
    I Feel the Earth Move by Carole King
  • Missing Words
  • Play One On Tv
    General Surgeon and the current Chief of Surgery (on 'Grey's Anatomy')
  • Car Smarts
  • Album Drop
    The Temptations
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WPLJ 95.5 FM New York

Blockbusters Trivia
  • In the movie "Alien: Covenant" what is the Covenant?
Book Worm
  • Which one of these 1997 fiction books was written by John Grisham?
    The Partner
Music Pop Quiz
  • Whose 2017 hit song is titled "Say You Won't Let Go"?
    James Arthur
Sports Trivia
  • No question posted yet today
Healthy Knowledge
  • What animal shape does the thyroid gland resemble?
Get Your Game On
  • Which of these is a robot from "Titanfall 2"?
TV Trivia
  • What seaons of "Grey's Anatomy" premiered on September 22, 2016?
Winter Olympics Trivia
  • How many athletes competed in the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi?

WWYZ 92.5 Country Club

Country Music Trivia 2/24
  • What is the correct title of the Old Dominion 2017 hit?
    Written In The Sand

KOLA 99.9

Classic Rock Challenge 2/24
  • How many studios were used to record The Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations"?

WWPR Power 105.1FM

Music Skills
  • This station has stopped doing the trivia. If you know of a station that has this question, please let me know.

KYSR Alt 98.7

Rock Music Trivia
  • This station has stopped doing the trivia. If you know of a station that has this question, please let me know.

WRIT Oldies 95.7

Music Quiz 1/1