Full Version: WGAR 99.5 Answers and Codes for February 05
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Answer string!!! ... Max Characters (50)... 2,5Own13Ell55Yel33ZelJesNesMirWhi5Mob650Us

Answer string!!! ... Max Characters (50)...

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Deductible Plans -- "This health plan requires a soprano hiiiiiiigh deductible (typically around $1,000 to _____ or more) but has baritone bass looooow monthly premiums.
2,500 - 2,5

Health Savings Accounts -- "Federal tax law requires that employers ____ ____ ____ the funds in the health reimbursement account (HRA)."
Own and Control - Own

New Beginnings Video Trivia -- How old is Toby?
33 -33

Video Trivia Time -- How many girls are left in this video?
13 - 13

Videos Gone Wild! -- Which film student is speaking in this video?
Ellie Charles - Ell

Entertainment Zone! -- What color is the car they are driving?
Yellow - Yel

Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous! -- How old is Baldwin now?
55 - 55

Watch: Vegan & Losing Weight -- What is the first name of the Health & Wellness reporter giving us the scoop on becoming a vegan?
Zelana - Zel

Daily Dose of Video Trivia
What name does the owner call her dog before calling him Butkus which he does not like?

Jessica - Jes
Country Music Trivia - Which singer will be joining Katy Perry on the North American leg of the Prismatic World Tour?

Kacey Musgraves
In the 2011 blockbuster film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, what actor plays the role of Blackbeard?

Ian McShane
Country Livin' Trivia - The clip below features a small-time country singer playing a song that is a tribute to which NFL quarterback?

Peyton Manning
Lucky Shamrock
Irish novelist and poet James Joyce once described which drink as "the wine of Ireland"?

Guinness Stout - Nes

The NBA Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets are now playing games featuring nickname jerseys. The two teams have released the full list of the players' choices, which were subject to league approval for copyright reasons and general appropriateness. What does the nickname jersey read for Brooklyn's Kevin Garnett?

The Big Ticket
WGAR Artist of The Day
Miranda Lambert - Mir

WGAR Word of The Day
Whiteout - Whi
Video: Today in History for February 5th -- What town in Alabama was Hank Aaron born in on this day?

Mobile, Alabama - Mob
VIDEO: Outfitting the Olympics ... Team USA
How many G forces are there when the athletes are in the corner spots of the luge?

5 - 5

VIDEO:Restaurant plans Beyonce themed B...
What burrough is the New York restaurant in that features menu items named after Beyonce?

Brooklyn - Bro

VIDEO: Mattel Designer says Barbie's Bod...
What magazine interviewed Matel's VP of Design about Barbie's body shape?

Fast Company - Fas

VIDEO: McDonalds Reveals Chicken McNugg...
How many different shapes of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets are there?

T-Mobile - The Break Up Letter -- You can break up with your carrier, switch to T-Mobile and you could get up to $______ per line for device trade in and early termination fee coverage for up to five lines.

650 - 650
New Music Spotlight

Us Again - Us
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