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Health Care! 5
"____ ______can take advantage of the tax credit whether they have a grandfathered plan design or not."

Small employers

Healthy Teeth! 5
"Some studies suggest that a ________ deficiency can have an effect on heart health and oral health."


Video Trivia Time!
What is she protecting in the campaign?


Videos Gone Wild!
What did big papi throw?

a tantrum

LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!
Which city was she in?

Beverly Hills

Entertainment Zone!
Everybody is trying to eat how?


Blindsgalore - Amazing Prices
"How much can you save each year by selecting the right window coverings?"

Beginning String: SmaMagSkiTanBevCle$15
4th Quarter
The video below discusses the hype surrounding the unconventional uniforms of which college football team?

University of Oregon

In the 2012 film Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman lost 30 pounds to play the role of Valjean as a prisoner. How many hours did Jackman go without water, which caused him to lose water weight around his eyes and cheeks, giving him the gaunt appearance of a prisoner?

36 hours

Celebrity Interview Video
In the following video, Rob Lowe talks about the pressure of playing which part in an upcoming television event?

John F. Kennedy

Entertainment Video
The following video takes you onto the tour bus of which electronic group?

Capital Cities

In The News
Recently, a California based rocket design and manufacture company carried out its first full navigation launch of a reusable rocket (1,066 feet into the air). The 10-story tall rocket is designed to withstand reentry into the Earth's atmosphere and land back vertically onto its launch pad. What is the name given to this type of rocket?


Remember When?
Who is the singer/songwriter of the 1971 classic hit "American Pie," which is a recounting of "The Day the Music Died" -- the 1959 plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper?

Don McLean

Trip Trivia
What is the name of the "wall of ice" featured in the following video clip?

Exit Glacier

Pop Culture Trivia
The Hanson brothers, of the pop group Hanson, have launched their own beer. The brothers partnered with Oklahoma craft beer company Mustang Brewing and their suds will make its official debut with the band's ANTHEM world tour. What is the name of Hanson's brew?


Pop Clips
According to the following clip, Jennifer Lawrence gave her Oscar to:

Her Mother
Hot Music Trivia - Miley Cyrus is returning to television this fall in a:

One-hour documentary on MTV
Blindsgalore - Amazing Prices - "How much can you save each year by selecting the right window coverings?"

Recession Fuels Explosion of Online Lear... - How many students does the professor reach around the world through his virtual classroom?


Today in History for August 5th - What TV show debuted on network TV on this day?

American Bandstand

San Francisco's $30 Million Urban Mansio...How many square feet is the house?

13500 sq feet

Weirdest Baby Names in Hollywood - What did Jay-Z and Beyonce try and do to their child's name?

trademark it
Should Celebs Be Allowed To Use Kickstar... - What summer blockbuster movie does he reference that has been turned into a 2 hour infomercial?

Man of Steel
PIzza Time 5 - "What color is the submit icon?"


Health Trivia! 5 - "How much is the gift card worth?"


Verismo Sweepstakes! 5 - "What's the model number of the coffee maker?"

Fill It Up! 5 - "What do you need to have to enter?"


Get The Beats! 5 - What color is the continue icon after enter your email address?"

Pay It Off Sweepstakes! 5 - "What color is the Enter Today icon?"


Chocolate Sampling! 5 - "What kind of chocolate is available to you?"

Are You Hungry? 5 - "What color is the Get Yours Now icon?"


Read & Learn! 5 - "Who wrote A Game Of Thrones?"

George R. R. Martin

Family Fun! 5 - "How big is the memory on this prize?"

What's Your Favorite? 5
"What kind of coffee is on the left?"


I'm Lovin It 5
"How much is the gift card to worth?"

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