Full Version: WAXQ 104.3 Answers and Codes for March 5
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Before They Were Famous-> Adam Sandler will star in his first sequel when Grown Ups 2 is released in July 2013. Way back in the late 1980s/early 1990s, Sandler was a performer on the MTV show Remote Control. Which of the following is one of the characters he played?
Stud Boy

Celebrity Interview Video Trivia-> In the following clip, which of the following actors was NOT part of Prince Michael Jackson's first interview?
Jason Sudeikis
Entertainment Video Trivia-> In the clip below, Boys Noize talks with Fuse about making music and making the list of "25 DJ's That Rule The Earth" in which music magazine?
Rolling Stone

First Lines-> In the first line of the 1997 movie As Good As It Gets, who is Melvin talking to when he says, "Come here, sweetheart…come on."?

Get Your Game On-> Which of the following actor/comedians provides the commentator track for the original golf video game, Outlaw Golf (2002)?
Steve Carell
Classic Rock Challenge-> Who was Devon Wilson, the subject of a track titled 'Crash Landing' from the forthcoming Jimi Hendrix posthumous release "People, Hell & Angels?"
His girlfriend at the time

Show Me The Money-> Which of the following women appears on the reverse side of the Alabama quarter (released in 2003 as part of the 50 State Quarter Program)?
Helen Keller

Gingivitis Trivia 5-> "Everyone needs to take care of their dental health, including people who have ____."
Video Entertainment Center - What's the presenters first name?
Classic Video on Demand
Does Slash show up in Motley Crue's "MF of the Year" video?


Video Entertainment Center
What's the presenters first name?


Video Trivia on Demand
How many other people are in the elevator with the naked man?

Gimme Jimi Trivia
On January 1st, 1970, Jimi, Elvin Bishop, and Buddy Miles took part in an impromptu jam session at Ungano's nightclub in New York City. A writer for the French entertainment magazine, Best, was in attendance and later wrote about the performance. What was the writer's name?

Sacha Reins

Question of the Day
Which team does Geddy Lee want to see win the World Series?

Toronto Blue Jays

8am - Get The Led Out
Black Dog
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row
I Won't Back Down
Rock and Roll Morning Show Bonus Code
12pm Workforce Blocks
Today in History for March 5th
What city does the first featured event take place?


How to Throw a Dinner Party Like a Pro
What appliance does Wes Martin recommend you put your dishes in before a dinner party to keep them toasty warm?


What's - Your Body Type? VIDEO
What fruit is used to describe the first lady who had a makeover?


Official: DC Cherry Blossoms to Peak on ...
What is the percentage of cherry blossoms are the cause for saying "peak season"?


Philly Flower Show Offers Glimpse of UK …-> What is the theme of the flower show?
Live @ 5
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