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Before They Were Famous

Q: Which of the following TV shows did Conan O'Brien write for after he graduated from Harvard?

A: Not Necessarily the News

Expenses Trivia 7

Q: To receive 1,000 points, click on this link, and click through the next icons until you find the answer to this Fill In The Blank "When you have an ___, you can pay for the expense out of your pocket and then submit it to your health plan for reimbursement."

A: Eligible Expense

First Lines

Q: In the opening line of the Aldus Huxley novel, Brave New World, how many stories tall is the "squat grey building" the has the words "Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre" over its main entrance?

A: 34 stories tall

Foodie Video Trivia

Q: What is the following episode of Bobby Flat Fit about?

A: Mixing It Up

Get Your Game On

Q: In the 1982 arcade video game Pitfall, how many points does a player begin with?

A: 2,000

Show Me The Money

Q: How many Federal Reserve districts did the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 create?

A: 12 districts

Travel Video Trivia

Q: In the following video clip, Andrew tries popular fruit shakes from where?

A: Rio de Janeiro

What Did They Say?

Q: Which of the following is the correct lyric from "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child?

A: How would you like it if I came home and pitched a fit?
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