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All of the trivia questions and answers for this page have now been converted over to the new forum format.

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  • Which month has the fewest days?

  • What ten-month war started on July 19, 1870?
  • What leader fled his country on July 19, 1979 after being driven from office by the Sandinistas?
  • Assassinated by his political rivals on July 19, 1947, Aung San was a general and political leader of what country?

The History Net

  • Scutage was an early form of this in England.

Creations Rewards

  • In what year did Edward Kennedy first run for senate?
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  • Know the SampleSlogan
  • Famous Movie Quotes
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WGAR 99.5 Rewards

Wacky State Laws
  • In Kendall, New York, it is against town ordinance to camp out on your own land for more than how many hours per month on your own property?
This Day in U.S. History
  • On July 19, 1879, former dentist and gunfighter Doc Holliday reportedly had a shootout with former U.S. Army Scout Mike Gordon outside of a New Mexico saloon. What is Doc Holliday's real first name?
U.S. Sports
  • Since 1954, Sports Illustrated magazine has annually presented the "Sportsman of the Year" award to "the athlete or team whose performance that year most embodies the spirit of sportsmanship and achievement." The U.S. Olympic Hockey Team was the first team to receive the award in 1980. In what year was the U.S. Women's Soccer Team given the award?
Tv Rewind
  • In the series finale of the TV sitcom Seinfeld, how many years in prison each are Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer sentenced to?
Country Music Trivia
  • What's the title of the latest hit single from Eli Young Band?
Country Music Video on Demand
  • In The Band Perry's video for "Postcard From Paris, what word is painted over the band's pictures on the wall?
Games 'n eCards Trivia
  • In the game Sudoku, under the options, what is your first option?
What Did They Say? (This question not showing up on WGAR so far today)
  • Which of the following is the correct lyric from "You Should Be Dancing" by the Bee Gees?
Discovery Mon-Fri Trivia FUN!

Swagbucks - trivia trivia and more trivi...
  • How many social networks are listed that you can connect to sign up from? Trivia
  • What is the tagline?
Mommy Page Trivia
  • How many cartoon people are on the main page?
Kenny Chesney Video Trivia
  • "It's the only song I've ever written about our _______."
Jesus Calling - FREE Devotional Samples
  • What is the email address that the confirmation will be sent from?
Diabetic Meal Plan From Alliance Healthc...
  • How many fields need to be completed in order to sign up for your diabetic meal plan and more such as access to an online community offering support to those with diabetes?
SneakPeeq!!! All the things you love bu...
  • What color is "peeq?"
Continue trying for FREE GAS! P - U!!!
  • What does the headline say under "Fuel Pump Rewards?"
Heidi Klum Dress Trivia
  • in slide 13, what kinds of stripes are always popular during the hotter seasons?
Heidi Klum Manicure Trivia
  • what is the effect that you'll get from the nail polish in slide 29?
Protect Your Business with Carbonite Onl...
  • What is the first item listed that will be backed up during your free trial?
What is Avon really about? Learn!
  • How many bullet points are listed?
Be part of a clinical trial - sign up fo...
  • What number is on the piece of medical equipment?
Play The Godfather Game Online for FREE!
  • What color "head piece" is the lady wearing?
Sleep Apnea? Can't sleep?
  • How many fields do you have to complete to see if you qualify for free sleep apnea supplies?
FREE Delivery of Your Diabetic Supplies
  • What is the last bullet point listed?
Braces By White
  • According to Braces By, ___________ is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities.
*Certified Angus Beef
  • What year was the Certified Angus Beef Program formed?
Ganley Auto
  • How many automobile franchises is the Ganley name affixed to?
  • "Being a member is always ____"
Save money on your groceries - nothing t...
  • What color is the "show" button?
Budgeting Made Easy wtih LearnVest
  • What publication is listed first in "Featured In?" is giving FREE Cocktail Recip...
  • What is the first cocktail listed under "cocktail recipes?
About One: Organize your busy life onlin...
  • How many icons are at the bottom of the page?
Home Business Opportunities in Your Area...
  • It Has Been Said That the Only Real _______ is Being Able to Live Your Life in Your Own Way.
Project Payday
  • How much money did Emily B. earn in her first three days in her own spare time?
MindsPay - Review Products
  • What is MindsPay tagline?
Rewards at the Gas Pump!
  • What color is the gas pump?
And yet another chance at free gas!!
  • What color is the gas pump?
National Consumer Panel Trivia
  • What is the tagline for NCP? is offering FREE cocktail re...
  • What do you have to enter in order to start receiving amazing cocktail recipes?
Wheel of Fortunue is Back! Spin the whe...
  • What age do you have to be in order to play Wheel of Fortune online?
Free Restaurant Coupons - EAT FOR FREE
  • What is the first restaurant listed at the bottom of the page?
FREE Gym Membership!
  • What is the first field that you have to complete to get your free Curves membership?
Have you thought about Botox? You know...
  • What field do you have to complete to find a doctor near you?
Heidi Klum Maternity Trivia
  • where can you buy the capris in slide ten?
Heidi Klum Summer Beauty Trivia
  • How many hours does the long lasting formula stay on your lips?
28 Day Meal Plan Trivia
  • What color is the continue button?
Wizard 101 Trivia
  • What word is on the Wizard's blue crystal ball?
Custom Fit Trivia
  • According to, how many muscles does it take to take 1 step?
Jesus Calling Trivia
  • Each day is written as if ________ himself were speaking to you.
WebEx: FREE Trial Limited Offer Act Now
  • How many fields do you have to fill out to receive the free Basic Account?
Participate in Paid Online Surveys - Pan...
  • How many fields do you need to complete in order to sign up?
Another way to earn free gas!! Gas gas ...
  • What color is the gas pump?
Have you played Bubbles Safari yet?
  • What kind of animal is Bubbles?
More FREE GAS!!! Prices are sky high, s...
  • How many money bills are coming out of the gas pump?
Heidi Klum 4th of July Trivia
  • what is the name of the cakelettes in slide 20?
Heidi Klum Bag Trivia
  • what color is the bag in slide 14?
WebEx - Download FREE Trial!
  • How many days of Premium WebEx do you receive with this offer?
Conrad's Tire
  • Conrad's is opening their 33rd location. In which city will this new store be located?
FREE eCookbook - Diabetes Friendly
  • How many recipes are in the cookbook?
Amazon Trivia
  • What month is June for Amazon?
Botox Special Offer - you know you are c...
  • What do you have to enter to find a doctor near you?
Quizpoints - Fun Quizes Just for You!
  • What is the tagline for Quizpoints?
Calling Entrepreneurial Women!!
  • Free ________ and support- Risk Free!
FREE Disability Case Evaluation
  • What is the third word in the second question?
How old are you really????
  • What is the "Real Age" of the man in the middle?
Personal Invitation - Arbitron Mobile Su...
  • What is the first answer choice to the question "What is your smartphones operating system?"
Diabetes Clinical Trial Alerts
  • How many fields are required to complete to sign up for diabetes clinical trial alerts?
AOL Signature Sounds - Chicago (Musicians' Day Off)
  • The celebrity in slide 6 volunteered time in Chicago with the charity, "Blessings in a ________)."
Carbonite Trivia: Consumer
  • After you download the free trial, what is the indicator that you are backed up by Carbonite?
WGAR Artist of the Day 7/18
  • Artist of the Day and get 5,000 points!
WGAR Word of the Day 7/18
  • Word of the Day and enter it for 5,000 points.
WGAR Video of the Day 7/18
  • What's the name of the game show?
New Music Spotlight 7/18
  • Answer the song from tonight's WGAR New Music Spotlight

WTIC News Talk 1080

WTIC 1080 Newsmaker of the Day 3/9
  • The WTIC Total News "Newsmaker of the Day" every afternoon.
    WTIC is no longer doing newsmaker of the day
WTIC 1080 Word of the Day 3/9
  • What's the word of the day?
    wtic is no longer doing word of the day

WBEE 92.5 I Love My Country Club

WBEE 92.5 Artist of the Day 7/18
  • Enter the name of the artist you hear below and score 2500 Fan Club points.
WBEE 92.5 Song of the Day 7/18
  • Enter the title you hear below and score 2500 Fan Club points.
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code 7/12
  • Enter the Secret Newsletter Code Word and score 2500 points

99.5 The River

Hot Music Trivia 7/19
  • How many signature fragrances has Jennifer Lopez launched to date?
Hot Music Video on Demand 7/19
  • In Matt Nathanson's video for "Faster," is the girl he is singing to a blonde or brunette?

KTU 103.5

Music Trivia 7/19
  • Annie Lennox was lead singer for:
Variety Video on Demand 7/19
  • What happens to one of the police cars in Maroon 5's video for "Payphone"?
Question of the Day 7/19
  • Question not posted yet today
Commercial Free Hour 7/18
  • What was the first song to kick off the 8:30am Commericial Free Hour?
Lunch Flashback Track 7/18
  • What song was the KTU Lunch Flashback Track?
War of the Roses 7/18
  • What was the title of today's War of the Roses?
Morning Show Bonus Code 7/19
  • Check out Mornings with Cubby every day for a new bonus code!
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code 7/18
  • Look in your weekly KTU Newsletter for a bonus code worth 1,000 points!

97.1 Wash-FM

City Salute 7/18
  • Just tell us the name of the city or town we saluted that morning!
Profession of the Day 7/18
  • Just enter what profession Maureen talked about that morning
Fun 1 @ 1 7/18
  • Enter Your answer
Ten After Laughter with Bill Worthington 7/18
  • Tell us the name of the comedian Bill plays at 5:10pm


Classic Rock Challenge 7/19
  • How old was Phil Collins when he joined Genesis?
Classic Video on Demand 7/19
  • In Metallica's Fade to Black video, do the guys have long or short hair?
Question of the Day 7/19
  • Question not posted yet today
8am Get The Led Out 7/18
  • What song did we play on today's Get The Led Out?
8:50 AM 10 Songs In A Row 7/18
  • Which of these songs kicked of 10 songs in a row this morning?
12pm Workforce Blocks 7/18
  • Which of these artists was featured in one of today's Workforce Blocks?
Live @ 5 Monday - Thursday 7/18
  • Which of these artist was featured during Live @ 5 with Ken Dashow?
Rock and Roll Morning Show Bonus Code 7/19
  • Check out the Rock and Roll Morning Show Bonus Code everyday
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code 7/12
  • Look in your weekly Q104.3 Newsletter for a bonus code worth 1,000 points!

WWPR Power 105.1FM

Music Skillz 7/19
  • Who claims she was recently 'fondled' during a TSA pat down?
Hip Hop Video On Demand 7/19
  • In Usher's video for "Lemme See," who is shown tied to a chair?
Question of the Day 7/19
  • Question not posted yet today
Donkey of the Day 7/18
  • Who was today's Donkey of the Day?

Z100 New York

Music Pop Quiz 7/19
  • What movie recently hit theaters that features the voices of Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and Drake?
Top Video on Demand 7/19
  • What city name is visibly tattooed to Adam Levine's arm in Maroon 5's video for "Payphone"?
Question of the Day 7/19
  • Question not posted yet today
12pm Ryan's High Noon Countdown 7/18
  • enter the title of the #1 song

96.5 Jack FM Seattle

Music Challenge 7/19
  • Who discovered Paula Abdul after seeing her perform as a Laker Girl?

103.3 WODS FM Boston

Music Quiz 7/19
  • Ronnie Spector was a singer for:

KEGL-FM 97.1 The Eagle Dallas/Ft.Worth

Rock Music Trivia 7/19
  • Mötley Crüe are currently touring with:
Rock Video on Demand 7/10
  • No question posted yet today

95.7 WRIT FM Milwaukee

Vintage Videos on Demand 7/19
  • What are a guy and girl seen riding across the desert in or on during the "Hush" video by Deep Purple?
In Crowd Newsletter 7/18 Code Word
  • Enter the bonus code word from the latest Oldies 95.7 "In Crowd Extra" Newsletter

94.7 KTWV FM The Wave Los Angeles

Jazz Music 7/19
  • What was jazz-inspired American Idol finalist Casey Abrams doing when he got the idea to write his debut single, "Simple Life?"

KHHT 92.3 Oldschool Los Angeles

Music Knowledge 7/19
  • Who is the subject of a new documentary by Spike Lee?
Old School Video On Demand 7/19
  • In Monica's "Angel of Mine" video, Monica is first seen:

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